what. is. datacrush?

Marketing Automation

Datacrush is a Marketing Automation Platform, where the link between marketing, sales and your customers is stronger than ever.

Marketing Automation is a methodology where using a technological platform as a core, has the goal to automate and optimize repetitive tasks such as emails, web tracking and social media on a digital marketing strategy.

Use Datacrush if you are a B2B or B2C business and, if you are an Ecommerce company, take advantage of the integration tools and easily create advanced marketing actions like personalized crosseling or upselling for each customer.


Optimize the results of your lead capturing strategy with powerful and easy to use tools

Centralize the most important tools you are using in your marketing strategy and forget the use of spreadsheets forever!

Transform data from your leads in useful information to understand their behavior and deliver dynamic and personalized content.

360° view of your leads

Datacrush allows you to capture demographic & behavioural data from your leads and customers. This data will give you a 360 degree vision of your contacts. Are your leads interacting with you from social networks? Are they visiting your Blog? Datacrush allows you to understand how and where your contacts interact with your brand.

Optimize and win

Datacrush helps your company to reduce the sales cycle and increase the qualified leads flow, but also build loyalty with your existing customers and encourage new sales. Our all-in-one marketing automation platform has all the tools you need to get great results.


Optimize the flow to sales of qualified leads with Datacrush Marketing Automation tools. Use landing pages, forms and social tools to capture leads, then nurture them with workflows.


Transform data from your leads in useful information to understand their behaviour and send personalized communications in the right moment.


Manage your channels, social networks and content with an all-in-one easy to use platform. Get a 360 degree vision of your leads and comunicate with them in the right channel and moment.


Generate shared experiences between your leads and your brand during their journey and successfully convert them into customers.

Why choose Datacrush?

Free onboarding

We don’t charge you a setup fee and we assign an executive to assist you in the installation and configuration of your marketing automation campaign (for FREE).

Agile Development

We are ready to integrate with any platform, our development team is using agile methodologies to adapt and integrate with our customers.

All-in-one easy to use

Modern all-in-one platform developed with UX in mind. Forget hard to use and old interfaces, Datacrush is fast and simple for the mordern marketer.

You are our priority

We exist and work for you. Our Customer Engagement department will be helping you in every step of your marketing strategy.

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