The need for less contacts does not mean you need less features.

We offer all features in all plans.

  • 1.000 Contacts
    $200 monthly
    • 10.000 emails per month
    • $90 per 1.000 extra contacts
    • 1 CRM user FREE
    • FREE Onboarding
    • All Features
  • 25.000 Contacts
    $1300 monthly
    • 250.000 emails per month
    • $7 per 1.000 extra contacts
    • 5 CRM users FREE
    • FREE Onboarding
    • All features
  • 100.000 Contacts
    $1825 monthly
    • 1.000.000 emails per month
    • $7 per 1.000 extra contacts
    • 5 CRM users FREE
    • FREE Onboarding
    • All features

All Datacrush Features

Lead Management

  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Workflows
  • Email Triggers
  • Scoring
  • Web Synchro
  • Custom events
  • Tasks
  • API

Content Management

  • Form Designer
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Experiments (A/B Testing)
  • Dynamic Content
  • Personalization
  • Web Tracking
  • Short URL
  • Templates Editor

Social Media

  • Social Monitoring
  • Publishing
  • Scheduling
  • Social Automation (segmentation, workflows, scoring)
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Social Inbox

Reporting & Analysis

  • Real-time Campaign monitor
  • Email marketing reports
  • Lists evolution
  • Objectives per campaign
  • Visits
  • Contacts
  • Customers
  • Comparison charts
  • Scoring lists

Extra modules

Customer & Sales Tools (CRM)

  • Oportunities
  • Insights
  • Sales Manager Panel
  • Full integration with Marketing data
  • Sales agents & Supervisors

$ 8 per user

* per month

Ecommerce Automation

  • Orders tracking
  • Dynamic content based on related productos, cross-selling, up-selling, etc
  • Workflows (abandoned carts, triggers and more)
  • Scoring based on buyer behavior
  • Revenue reporting

$ 200 per month

* More fees could apply depending on your ecommerce platform

Frequently asked questions

What is a contact?

A contact is a register in your Datacrush Database. This register only needs an email address to be considered as a contact. You can manage your contacts from lists and delete if you don’t need them anymore.

How many emails can I send?

You can send up to 10 times the contacts your plan has. For example if your plan is for 1.000 contacts, you can send 10.000 emails per month.

Why is the onboarding free?

Well, we think that if you want to use our product you shouldn’t pay to learn how to use it. We will help you from the beginning to use Datacrush and to create your first marketing automation campaign.

Do I need to pay for a year up front?

Definetely NO. You can pay monthly and we are sure you can see the advantage of Datacrush day by day.

I need to integrate Datacrush with a third party app

No problem! just contact us and we’ll happy to help you with the integration

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