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One on One

Real Automation

Use our powerful tool to automate your buyer journeys. With our workflows you will be able to set up automatic flows triggered by contact interactions. Add personalization, conditions and actions to provide rich communications and interactions with your leads and customers.

No more repetitive tasks

  • Choose from a complete library of triggers to start the workflow
  • Send messages in the right moment to the right person (one on one communications)
  • Easily run actions that are impossible to do manually

Email automation and more

  • Automatically modify contact properties, execute webhooks, send text messages, increase scoring and much more…
  • Choose triggers, conditions and actions to setup your journeys
  • Easily build complex journeys and automate repetitive tasks

Analize & measure

  • Add workflows to a Datacrush campaign and measure its performance
  • Check email deliverability during your buyer journey and detect drops
  • Create multipath journeys and move leads from one workflow to another if needed

Along the way with your leads

  • Be close to your contacts along their journey
  • Trigger personalized actions in the right moment
  • Send internal notifications to sales when your leads make important moves

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