Create customer journeys with an easy to use Marketing & Sales Automation all-in-one platform.

All-in-one automation platform

Generate and nurture leads

Show personalized content in landings and emails

Create journeys and accelerate sales cycle

Manage and automate your social networks

Analyze & measure. Real time reporting


Connect & Engage

Wondering how can you easily execute your marketing and sales strategy? Datacrush helps you to setup and run all the actions you strategically design in an all-in-one and powerful user friendly Marketing Automation Platform. Connect sales with your customers in an easy and effective way.

more tools

better automation

Datacrush gives you more tools in an all-in-one Marketing Automation Platform. That means you will have more data and information to work with. Your automation tasks will be more complex and your results incredible better.


See what your leads are doing in realtime. Use this data to maximize your marketing actions and send personalized communications in the right moment.

social tools

Your leads and customers are interacting in social networks. Centralize all your social media interactions in one place and monitor their behavior in real time.

Dynamic content

Why showing the same content to all your contacts? Each person is particular, they are in different lifecycles and they have interests. Show them what they want and need to see.

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