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Offer the products

Your customers want

Wondering how big ecommerce stores know what products to offer to each customer and specially when? Datacrush Ecommerce Automation module is what your online store needs to send personalized products to each of your customers depending on their behavior and interests.

Each customer is different

  • Design email templates and show products that your customers want
  • Upselling, crosselling and related products depending on who is visiting your landing page
  • Use Dynamic content and Ecommerce content to show different products to leads and customers

Ecommerce workflows

  • Recovering abandoned carts is more than a simple email, it’s a complex journey you can easily design with our workflows tool
  • A returning customer is the most important thing for an online store, create workflows and nurture first-time customers

Analyze channels performance

  • Are my emails converting better or my social posts? Detect which channel is best for sales
  • Discover the average ticket per channel
  • Top buyers per revenue and score

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