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With our dynamic content tools, you will be able to talk to your contacts in a smarter way. Show the right content to the right person based on their behavior and engagement.

Landing Pages

  • Create and show custom content based on segmentation or lifecycle rules
  • Use collected data to personalize the experience of your contacts
  • Talk with the right message to the right person

Email Templates

  • Content in your emails changes based on who is reading the email
  • Send the message that your contacts are expecting
  • Use our email templates or create your own and use the power of dynamic content


  • A/B testing plus dynamic content, a powerful tool
  • Create emails and landing pages experiments with personalized messages
  • Each piece of your experiment has their own dynamic rules

Customer Engagement

  • Engage with your customers with personalized messages
  • Interact with them from a multichannel perspective
  • Detect where your leads are interacting and communicate with the right channel

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